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VIN or Vehicle Identification Number, is a 17 character code that can tell a lot about a vehicle to those who know how to use it. With the help of VIN you can find both basic data and more interesting facts about the used car you’re going to buy. With our VIN checker, not only will you know the model, year, make, and manufacturer, but also whether the vehicle has been salvaged or rebuilt, you will know if it’s a lemon. To collect all necessary information about the car, we decode data from the biggest national databases and put it into one simple report that everyone can understand. We also advise car dealers to run our VIN checks - it makes your clients trust you more, thus they buy more and shop with confidence. Just enter the VIN in our VIN checker and get the comprehensive report within minutes.

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How a VIN can help avoid purchasing flood-damaged cars

With the growing number and the intensity of storms happening in the US in recent years, many vehicles endup flood-damaged. They are affected in multiple ways: the transmission, engine, interior, brakes, and other systems can be severely damaged during storms. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to indicate flood damage after a quick inspection once the vehicle has been cleaned. Here you’ll learn how to avoid flood-damaged cars.

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