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What is a VIN Number?

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique unified number that car manufacturers use to identify vehicles. VIN is extremely important because it’s impossible to find two or more vehicles with the same number. This makes VIN a simple way to track vehicle history.

Why do I need a report?

Checking the history of a used vehicle before the purchase can save you a lot of money. By getting a Report, you can determine whether the vehicle has had major repairs or been involved in accidents and just doesn’t worth your money. Bygetting a simple report, you’ll get information about:

· past ownership (how many owners the vehicle has had)

· mileage

· liens (if you buy a vehicle with a lien it may result in repossession of the car if the loan is still unpaid

· title and accident history, including salvage title and flood damage

· whether or not the person selling you the car is an owner

· rollback odometer alerts - sometimes, sellers give odometer appearance of lower mileage to increase final price

· lemon determination

Depending on a vehicle, some VIN checks may also give you additional information, for example, if the car was sold at auction or serviced.

Benefits of a Vehicle History Report

Everyone wants to buy a reliable vehicle who can get from one point to another without problems and headaches during the way. Getting the vehicle checked before buying it gives you the advantage of knowing how well (or not well) the car is going to serve you later. For example, Vehicle History Report can show major accidents, and you may want to think twice about getting that car. On a contrary, if the history is clean, without suspicious details, you can get more inclined to purchase the vehicle. Thus, Vehicle History Report is beneficial for both car buyers and car dealers.

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